Exciting Stuff!!

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I have been a bit MIA in the  “blogging” portion of Hiking4Hearts.  I ran into a few speed bumps but I am BACK with a vengeance my friends.  I have so much great news to share.  Are you ready???


  1. Cincinnati Children’s Medical Cardiac Clinic
  2. Loseitconkatie
  3. REI – West hartford, CT
  4. KEEN Corporate
  5. Bad Bad Jewelry
  6. DarnTough
  7. Dates! Dates! Dates!

1.  I made a choice!  All proceeds from my hike on the Appalachian Trail in June will be donated to the Cincinnati Children’s LVNC research!


2.  Have you ever met someone who restored your faith in humanity?  Who took you under their wing and nurtured you into the human being you are meant to be?  Who blew past every little detail and just dove right into your soul and went to work on repairing the broken pieces?  Katie Summers, better known as “@loseitconkatie” is my coach.  I say that with so much damn pride.  She is MY COACH!  I could scream it from mountain tops (see that pun? ha).


I followed her on instagram for a while here: https://instagram.com/loseitconkatie/ and I would stare at her pictures and dream of losing some weight and getting my shit together.  She inspired me as an internet icon…  now she inspires me as my friend.  Check out her before and current pic!


I have been working with Katie for roughly 40 days now.  I have been busting my butt trying to get into shape for this hike and it has not been easy.  I have sent her plenty of videos of me crying.  She always somehow manages to say exactly what I need to hear to get my chunky butt back in the gym!  Here is my current transformation picture after 30 days!


Disclaimer:  If you are interested in working with Katie please email her team at info@loseitconkatie.com

3.  REI in West Hartford, CT has come through in a BIG way for me.  They are donating (FOR FREE) any tent that I want!  I chose the REI Dash 2.  Their General Manager Jeremy Castle made me agree to come in and give a presentation after my hike to a group of their members in a backpacking class.  I am REALLY excited for that opportunity!  If you are ever in the West Hartford area, go on over and check them out!

4404.  KEEN, KEEN, KEEN!  Wow, what a company!  I sent them an email about a month ago asking if they could donate some boots for the hike.  They came through and then some!  I received a brand new pair of KEEN Mid Targhees II as well as a pair of hiking socks! (ignore corny tattoo from 1994)


5. I have searched high and low for years to find a Medical ID bracelet that didn’t make me look 94 years old or like I was dying.  I just wanted something modern, yet tough.  Lets be honest… I play hard, I get dirty.

Bad Bad Jewelry is a mix of simple jewelry for weight lifting, fitness lovers, and badasses. I asked my coach Katie if Bad Bad Jewelry would be able to make me a Medical ID bracelet that was tough and would withstand living in the woods for 36 days.  She put me in touch with Sarah, owner of BBJ and she was nothing but accommodating and a huge sweetheart.  I cannot wait to receive my bracelet!  I will surely put a pic up here once its done!

6. One of the more important items while on a long distant trek is proper footwear.  KEEN covered me with the boots and DarnTough more than spoiled me with a huge donation of hiking socks!


7.  DATES!  Here is the itinerary of my hike #BonAT500

  • May 29th – Friday:         Leave for MD where I will be staying in a B&B with Steph (trail name Turtle) and my Brother, Ryan.
  • May 30th – Saturday:     Start Day 1 on the Appalachian Trail!
  • July 5th – Sunday:          End date in Dalton, MA

With that schedule I need to average 14.51 miles a day.  Something that is difficult for even a seasoned hiker.  I am so scared, nervous and excited!  Katie, my coach is going to help me work up to that.  Mind you I will also have a 25-40 lb pack on my back!


More to come, but that is the latest! 🙂