Hiking Backup Plan

I have posted several articles about Inchworm, the hiker who went missing a couple of years ago while hiking on the Appalachian Trail (Link to article).  I know people who knew her and hiked with her, although I personally did not know her, her sad and untimely death is enough of a warning for us […]

Highland Falls, NY – Fall Foliage Festival!

This weekend Hiking4Hearts went out to the Fall Foliage Festival in quaint Highland Falls, NY.  Unfortunately I (Bonny) couldn’t be there, but my family was.  My cousin Amanda went above and beyond and made this booth super successful!  Enjoy the pics below 🙂    

Pinnacle Rock

Ryan and I hit the trails this weekend for a 5 mile hike up to Pinnacle Rock and back.  The views were great, it was a very clear day.  Half way up I fell pretty hard and bent my thumb back, cut my stomach and bruised my shin….  However i kept on trucking.  Mainly because […]


CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION! I am so happy to announce that Hiking4Hearts has just received its Certificate of Incorporation from the Secretary of the State of CT!  What does this mean?  It means now we can submit our paperwork to become a recognized 501c3 on a state and federal level! What does being a 501c3 mean? […]

I have Di-A-Beet-Us

Last week I got myself a new primary care physician.  Dr. Roger, he likes to hike!  So naturally I knew right away that I had chosen properly! He sent me for some blood work because my main reason for seeing him was to figure out why sometimes I would shake.  I figured I was hypoglycemic. […]

Appalachian Trail Training – Day 1

Today was the first day that the snow here in Connecticut was completely melted.  I was finally able to get my new boots muddy and wear my new Osprey pack on my hike!  It was a short mile, a little less than 2 miles and it felt AMAZING to be outside in the cool air. […]


I’ve gotten in my first round of t-shirts!  I LOVE them!  I have already sold 11 in one weekend!!  If you would like to buy a T-shirt please feel free to order away 🙂  

Defibrillator, DefibriNOW!

I had my defibrillator implanted on July 20th 2010.  Seems like a really long time ago, huh?   I do have the two-for-one meaning, its also a pacemaker.  When I first had it implanted it stuck out a bit like it does on thinner people.  Since I have gained weight and become pleasantly plump it […]

My friends have jokes!

My friend Rob thinks he is funny…  This is his interpretation of my defibrillator…  alright, he is a little bit funny 😀